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History meets the future here
ClassicX Landhaus & Hotel is a location where history becomes tangible. It dates back to 1124 when the mill was first mentioned in documents (see History).
Today history meets the future in our establishment because we have maintained the good, traditional things and have enriched them with modern technology and new stories. This is because our establishment not only offers comfortable overnight accommodation, but is also the home of events and conferences – in the building itself as well as in the Nahetal-Arena right next-door.
Combine something enjoyable with something useful and plan your next company event in ClassicX Landhaus. We would be delighted to advise you in person about the options for your event with us and will be actively by your side during the planning.
We are the ideal location for the following events:
• Seminars/conferences up to 100 people
• Management conferences/workshops
• Information events (e.g. product presentation, press conferences)
• Company anniversaries
Archbishop Adalbert I. from Mainz donates the “mills in Gensingen” to Petersstift.
The Ravengiersburg Monastery owns the mill as mentioned in documents.
There is a report about a mill in Gensingen in the Gensingen historical legal text of 1491.
Daughter Gisela Möhring née Blank converts the residential building into a restaurant with a hotel.
Even before the 30 Years’ War the inhabitants of “Genzingen” were instructed to arrange for their grain to be milled in the “Bannmühle”.
The “Eichmühle” (opposite the office of weights and measures on Kreuznacher Straße) is sold to Oswald Behr - as mentioned in the “bill of sale”. He receives permission from the Elector to build a “Nothmühle as a mill for grinding and oil” nearby.
Johann Valentin Rumpf purchases the grinding and oil mill.
The grinding and oil mill facilities are separated: Frantz Albrecht buys the oil mill. Valentin Rumpf keeps the grinding mill.
After many requests, the miller Albrecht is issued with a final refusal for permission to also mill grain. The oil mill is subsequently transferred to Franz Friedrich Mayer.
It is mentioned in documents that Johann Blank who now owns the oil mill has the right to mill grain. The mill is inherited by Nicolaus Blank I. and Nicolaus Blank II. It experiences an economic boom in the late 19th century.
Completion of the late classicist three-storey building.
A fire destroys the milling facilities.
Reconstruction of the milling facilities.
The mill is mothballed and the plot of land is divided up together with the residential buildings and mill buildings.
The Blank family retains the residential buildings on a plot of 24,000 m2. The mill building is transferred to the ownership of the Rumpf family.
Klaus Möhring and his wife Juliette take over the hotel and the “Scheune” (barn) tavern.
The family of Hans-Joachim Sutter buys the property by auction, refurbishes the brick buildings and guts the “Scheune”. A modern hotel and restaurant complex is created.
Sutter’s Landhaus opens its doors.
Auktion & Markt AG buys the property and refurbishes it with great attention to detail. ClassicX Landhaus & Hotel is opened.
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55457 Gensingen
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